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Project Description
Contains various classes, templates, components, solutions and other resources used within SharePoint development.

For information about new code releases, see my blog at


SharePointContext and TokenHelper for ADFS and SAML
This is a modification of Steve Pecha's and Wictor Wilen's code for working with High Trust Apps and SAML authentication. For detailed information, read more on my blog at

Sample code: Clean, Compliant SharePoint 2013 master pages
Public websites should be light-weight, HTML compliant and standards-based to ensure maximum browser and device support. Achieving this using SharePoint is not possible without some serious tweaking.

SharePoint adds a tonne (3.5mb and 480 inline rows of HTML) of JavaScript files, inline code, custom HTML tags and more into the pages. This is used to create the collaborative features and the editorial components, such as support for inline editing, webparts and ribbon menus. But when publishing public websites to anonymous visitors, we are not interested in including this stuff.

Sideloader Script
Enables "sideloading" applications on an Office 365 Preview development site (running SharePoint 2013).

Test Plan Word Writer for TFS
A Word add-on by luisj (original project) that I have amended to support rich-text formatting and to provide an installer. For more details, see

PowerShell Administration Library for SharePoint
A utility library for SharePoint 2010 administration where I place common useful functions. See latest release for notes and contents.

Debug and Detailed Error Feature
A web application feature that enables debug messages and detailed error information for troubleshooting.

Boston Chart for Scrum Backlog Prioritization
An automated Boston scatter graph matrix for calculating backlog priority by combining business priority with risk and complexity.

SharePoint Farm Documenter Sezai for 2010
SharePoint 2010 version of Sezai SPAutoDocumenter.

SharePoint Cache Dependencies
SPListItem and SPList cache dependency objects, based on an idea from "The Kid".

SharePoint Unit Test base class
A base class for performing unit tests, browser tests, regression tests (using the SharePoint API) and mocking.
Beta version now has documentation and examples.

SharePoint Solution Installer - Fix for v1.2
Fixes the error "This solution contains resources scoped for a Web application and must be deployed to one or more Web applications"
This is simply a compiled fix for the 1.2 version found here.

Custom Workflow Template for Debugging
Custom SharePoint Sequential Workflow item template for Visual Studio 2008.

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